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One of the great loves of my life: Diet Coke.

"I can't help but go back to think about when I was younger and I would write songs in my bedroom. The first thing I would feel was fear, because I was afraid no one would ever hear it. I can't thank the fans enough, because now I don't have to feel that way anymore."

Have you ever wondered about what happens before & after We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together? I have.

Taylor and Austin -> 2008 + 2014 


Taylor’s setlist at iheartradio, including new songs (LEAKED)

1. Our Song (Acoustic)

2. Our Song (Pop Mix)

3. Our Song (Spanish version)

4. Our Song ft. Ed Sheeran

Taylor Swift’s Autobiography (x) | Part 1/?

She’s like cold coffee in the morning…

She’s like cold coffee in the morning…

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